blog_iconStart a blog – it’s an appealing fantasy. Watch it take off. Then, quit the corporate grind. But successful, moneymaking blogs elude most people who try to start them.

To be successful at blogging you need to follow a certain formula to make it work. First pick a topic that interest you, make sure you have a professionally looking blog site, build traffic then monetize it. Sounds easy but it does take effort, some luck and persistence.

Step 1) Get a domain name then setup your blog on WordPress. Why WordPress? It is the largest blogging format and offers lots of designs and plugin options.

Step 2) Drive traffic to your blog. You need to build links to your new blog to move it up in the Google ranking. Keyword research is where you start then you need to build article, post and social bookmark links.

Step 3) Monetize your blog. There are many ways to bring revenue into your site. eBay and Amazon have options, Google Adsense, and there are affiliate programs that pay a cost per action or a revenue sharing plan.

We create, own and operate many blogs. Blogs are all we do and we take it seriously. We have experience in all phases of blogging from creation, maintenance to monetization. Drop us a contact and find out how we can get your blog moving.

Examples of our blogs:


Hardcore Preppers

Guitar Zone

Rocky Top